Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tears 2 goals

Thinks before acting 
Thinks before I say something or I might
get lunch class. It could also make someone 
me one not confidant.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

The great escape

Suddenly the ship set it's self to self destruction mode captain taniwha panicked. Then captain taniwha 
realised the snot had covered up the bomb. He ripped his spaceship to bits he grabbed the bomb
then he tried to get the snot out of the bomb so he could blow up the shark. Captain taniwha got really scared. The pressure just to press eject was terrifying! But he knew he had to press eject or else he wouldn't survive. The clock was still ticking with seconds remaining to release the bomb and blow up the shark. Captain taniwha pressed eject he flew out of his spaceship suddenly out of nowhere the markou shark ate captain taniwha. He slid down the slimy slippery throaght and did a bomb in his blood and guts. He traviled hight and low finily he found the dark and mistaris holl. He left the bomb behind and jumped out of the butt poof. The bomb exploded the bomb was so powerful he got blown back to space.